Darren Turecki

My career in the steel industry began in 1990 while working for my late father, Bill Turecki, at Dominion Steel Ltd. My pipe and steel education began when I hopped into my first forklift, loading small pipe orders onto delivery trucks. I quickly advanced to loading 80-foot long pipe onto railcars destined to customers throughout Canada and the USA. My education advanced further at “Turecki University” (as my father called it) with valuable experience in sales, purchasing, and management until my father’s passing in 2003. With the practical experience, knowledge, and insight I learned from my father, I started Turecki Pipe & Steel Ltd in 2004. I began meeting colleagues who managed pipeline and construction projects, where I realized the value of the surplus products that were no longer required once a project was completed. I am constantly updated by worldwide steel manufacturers and energy companies on upcoming projects that may have surplus products available.

I am inspired by all the ways in which steel pipe can be repurposed and am motivated by finding optimal uses for surplus materials. There is not a product I sell which I have not physically inspected to ensure it meets the required quality standards for the next application. I enjoy meeting with my suppliers and customers to ensure a network based on honesty, integrity, transparency, accountability, and passion for the work that we do.